Why Telecentric

-Improve Measurement Accuracy/Repeatability

-Reduction of Motion Blur

-Increase Depth of Focus

-Improve System Reliability

-Remove Lens Distortion

-Elimination of blurred edges

25 products

  • Screw Thread Pitch (Manufacturing)

    A customer needed a high-quality lens for screw inspection. Using IVL's Bi-telecentric lens & light comb, we exceeded >50% ROI with improved quality & earlier defect detection.

  • Steering Shaft (Automotive)

    The automotive customer needed a cost-effective upgrade to their traditional lens system, and IVL exceeded expectations, with ROI exceeding 100%.

  • Sealing Pin (Aerospace)

    Using our telecentric lens & light combination, the customer was able to achieve automated measurement, resulting in quality improvement with significant cost savings.