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  • Compact and Anti-Vibration design
    Designed for factory automation, the IVL FA lenses are among the most compact fixed focal length lenses on the market.
  • High resolution
    Suitable for high resolution cameras, including Sony Pregius CMOS sensors.
  • High quality
    IVL lenses have exceptional optical characteristics, in comparison with standard off-the-shelf lenses that often exhibit problems with resolution, contrast, distortion and vignetting.
  • Low distortion
    Manufactured to high tolerances, which result in high levels of imaging performance with low lens-to-lens variation.
  • Largest Product Selection
    broadband anti-reflection coating, locking iris and focus adjustment with recessed set screws, and a ruggedized, robust housing for space-restrictive applications.
  • Reliability
    All IVL lenses are tested extensively both inline and post-manufacturing with industry inspection standards, enabling the suppression of variations in individual lens performance. To achieve industry-leading performance, IVL performs extensive simulations for resolution, contamination, distortion, and ghost analysis.
  • SKU: IVLVM3818MIR-12M

    Varifocal lens, C-Mount, 1/1.8" Sensor, 3.8-18mm Focal, 0.5m MOD, 12MP, IR Corrected

    Varifocal lens, C-Mount, 1/1.8" Sensor, 3.8-18mm Focal, 0.5m MOD, 12MP, IR Corrected

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    Model: IVLVM3818MIR-12M
    Sensor: 1/1.8"
    Resolution: 12 Megapixel
    Focal Length: 3.8-18mm
    Aperture: F1.5 -16 Manual Iris
    MOD 0.5m
    Distortion: -75% (W) ~ -3.1%(T)
    Filter Size: NA
    Size: Φ50*70.2mm
    Mount: C
    Weight: 242g
    Temperature: -10~+50°C
    Notes:  IR Corrected(NIRS)

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